Tuesday, January 5, 2010

feminism and the new domesticity

This post is dedicated to exploring what's called The New Domesticity - women choosing to spend their time making things by hand that they used to buy at the store: takeout is now a balanced organic sit-down meal, time spent hanging with friends now involves a ball of yarn and a hat-in-progress intended to warm the head of a loved one, and hours once spent on Messenger is now spent poring over websites and blogs dedicated to finding the perfect spelt bread recipe...You may be like so many young women of the x/y generation raised by feminist mothers who have a conflicted relationship with being "domestic". When you have a world of choice your mothers fought so hard to provide for you, why would you then turn around a choose to bake bread on a Saturday night? These questions and more are explored in a thought-provoking piece by Jean at getcrafty.com. Click Link for the full article.

1 comment:

  1. You inspire in me a new pride in domesticity! Long live a beautifully creative space


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