Saturday, July 10, 2010

a summer dress that doesn't break the bank

This is my first post in almost a month - and what a month it's been! I started a new full time teaching job, moved from one province to another while in the 2nd trimester of my first pregnancy(!!), and my fiance broke his arm, all within 5 weeks. When I type it out it looks pretty nutty, and it has been.
So today I want to remind myself of my personal creative goals, and commit to making a dress I started almost 3 months ago: the Heather Ross Kimono Dress. There's a great group in Flikr just for folks who've made the projects in her fantastic book Weekend Sewing, to which I hope to add some pictures when I'm actually finished. This dress isn't technically a maternity dress but should fit me for the rest of the summer and into September (months 4-6) if I make it without the obi sash, with lots of room in the skirt and a reinforced bust-line seam...I'm mostly excited at the thought of wearing blue linen and having something I made just for me.

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