Tuesday, October 5, 2010

making a nest

Lately my partner Shaun and I have taken on the task of acquiring "baby stuff", and feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the choices we're supposed to make. On one hand it's exciting to imagine our new little on actually using this stuff and inhabiting our world with his or her very own toys, clothes, sheets and especially needs. On the other, we've become acutely aware of all the expectations there can be for having all the right "stuff" for baby, how much we should have, how new it should be, and how virtuous/low-enviro footprint/politically correct each receiving blanket and onesie should be! It's kinda nuts, actually.

In response to all this "should" I've been choosing to knit without a net and just see what happens...turns out I knit a nest. It has no other purpose than to be beautiful, and gosh it sure looks like a mama and baby, doesn't it? Makin' handmade stuff freestyle lately has really opened me up to picturing having this kid my own way, and to take the focus away from the stuff that doesn't matter.

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