Sunday, September 11, 2011

lac pink

One day last week the three of us (S, O and I) were feeling a little cagey, so decided to head out to do a baby-friendly hike in nearby Gatineau Park. What we discovered when we go there is that Lac Pink is a very unusual lake in that the bottom of it is completely devoid of oxygen - due to a type of bacteria that live at a depth of 15 feet that exist in such great numbers that they block all light and use all the oxygen so nothing below it can grow or live. This captured my imagination because all I can think about is all the cool fossils and unseen bits of history that must be down there! The algae that growns in the lake also make it a really beautiful shade of green, as you'll see below.

O and I taking in all the fresh air and greenery. Sigh.

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