Tuesday, October 18, 2011

über practical

I'm not a fancy knitter. Truth be told I tried to be and have found that I despise following other people's instructions (knitting patterns), and generally want to make things that are as practical as possible. It's taken me a couple of years of lofty, futile attempts to knit with multiple yarns at once, cables, and other projects that took more out of me than anything else to learn this about myself. Which I choose to see as no small feat! Grasping for some way to soothe myself after drooling over a whack of complex patterns on Ravelry I knew I wouldn't be able to tackle with Baby O at home (and aware of my own pattern stubbornness), my mind wandered back to a William Morris quote from my Intro to Visual Culture course from my Art School days:

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful

Morris was a man who was focused on design and how it effects our daily lives through the objects we choose to surround ourselves by. As someone who shops carefully and more importantly who defines herself as a Maker of Things, I think this is great advice. Similar is the slightly less articulate adage: K-I-S-S, or Keep it simple, stupid

So I've endeavored to simplify here:
Little socks for Baby O, pattern from The Expectant Knitter

...and here:
MAN Mitts, for my man, my own pattern

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