Saturday, February 20, 2010

let me tell you 'bout...

...the Birds and the Bees

This time of year all I can think about is getting ready for winged visitors of all varieties, and the inevitable shoots and leaves that emerge from the 100 bulbs I planted last fall. This is a collection of new products I covet, going clockwise, including Gump's Bienvenue mat, Original Rain Boots by Hunter, Perch!'s Plantorb, the Eva Solo Luxury Birdbath, Gump's Cachepot, Terrarium by Anthropologie, an absolutely amazing item by Gaiam: a Bee Condo, and finally another Birdfeeder, this time from Perch!.

There are a few gardening plans simmering right now...

1. the seedlings for my veggies have just been started: cucumbers, leeks, 2 kinds o' tomatoes, basil, and parsley - for eating, and hopefully to make some preserves in the Fall

2. for the very first time I'm starting Pink Pampas Grass (whoa!) and pink n' white foxgloves from seed, with the intention that they go at the end of the driveway to hold the soil and be lovely

3. the compost pile is twice the size it was last year at this time because we had a bunch left over from last Fall and we haven't stopped adding to it all winter - I may need to give some away or swap a pile of it for some BEES.

4. BEES. I wanna attract honeybees to live at the far end of my backyard, which is where the bee condo comes in

5. building/sewing a canvas shade to go over the back patio with a post we can string patio lanterns to ( this was actually my fiance's idea)

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