Monday, February 8, 2010

superbowl hat

Late Saturday night my fiance announced he would be watching The Superbowl - at our house. Most folks wouldn't bat an eye at this seemingly normal occurrence, but seeing as though I've never seen him do this in 4 years, and that neither of us has watched our TV in 6 months, I balked. It was a freezing cold winter night, and a Sunday at that, so I decided to join'im. I took a skein of the Mirasol yarn I won in the Make + Do giveaway, my one set of circular needles, and I knit a hat. The colour I would describe as popcorn, with a heavy emphasis on the corn. Not the best colour for us pale northern types... upon completion I popped it in some Dylon French Navy fabric dye and waited to see what would happen overnight. Ta-da! Blue hat for Him.

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