Sunday, April 25, 2010

black gold

Today we set out to harvest some of the sweet compost we've been compiling and well, putrifying, in our bin since last fall. We dug out the most rotted stuff and put it through my new garden sieve twice (this thing was cheap and works SO well, with one wide mesh and one fine mesh, both removable!).
As you can see I have no wheelbarrow or tub trugs, so we improvised in the good old 'Maritime Way', and used biodegradable bags and cardboard boxes for sorting the compost at different stages.
We kept only the finest compost -the stuff with the colour and consistency of a very delicious chocolate cake - and put the rest of the partially decomposed food and the larger soil bits back in. We layered them with this great organic compost accelerator made by Green Earth, which happens to be a Canadian company (I used this product last spring to great success).
In the end, we made a huge bag of first-rate, organic compost for my little plant-inis. Black Gold!

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