Sunday, April 11, 2010

square foot gardening

After a long day in the garden, I can finally sit down and take in all that we accomplished. Raked all the dead leaves and started a compost pile just for leaf mold, amended the raised bed from our own aged compost, and planted green onions, garlic, arugula, red onions, chives, and these really cool seed tape of spinach, all in a square foot gardening style! For those of you unfamiliar with SFG, the idea is you maximize limited space to grow crops in raised beds in squares, rather than rows. You waste less space, it looks all very organized, and you can grow more grub.

I'm trying to take things up a notch this year, which I why I'm rocking the earlier crops as well as the midsummer classics. My fiance was kind enough to cover my hard work with some chicken wire to dissuade the squirrels from exploring too much - crossed fingers it'll work.

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