Friday, April 9, 2010

what makes a good gardener

According to Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl fame, a good gardener needs among other things, experience, in order to know their way around a patch of dirt. Well, with nearly 2 years under my belt (not including a few tomato plants on the balcony during my Fine Art degree back in the day), I'm finally starting to feel like I know what I'm about in the backyard department. If you're wanting to get a little more "into" gardening, the best way really is to just go for it: pick some plants, do a little reading, talk to your local hardware guy for advice, and just grow them. I have made and continue to make lots of mistakes. But the cool thing about gardening is that you always have next year, and that slow yearly cycle gives you a lot of time to change your approach. If you're lucky enough to have your own green patch of earth you can grow your own food - imagine the $$ you can save! For more insight on what makes a goog gardener, read Gayla Trail's article by the same name: What Makes a Good Gardener, seen below.

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