Tuesday, November 30, 2010

things to do when heavily pregnant and not working

I've officially been off work for a week and now find that the bloom of unlimited free time has fallen off the rose, so to speak! The pace of my life at work was a little too much for me, but being at home while most folks are busy all day means I don't get as much face-time with real people. It's also a reality that at this stage of my pregnancy (exactly 8 and 1/2 months - 2 weeks 'till my due date!) that I don't have a lot of chutzpah or get-up-and-go to get stuff DONE. It's a weird limbo, to be sure, but I've decided to publicize my attempts at being busy and taking care of what's really important while I have the time to!

Things To Do When Heavily Pregnant and Not Working:
  • read about breastfeeding - and imagine your boobs being used in a completely new way
  • hem the homemade curtains in the dining room and baby's room
  • bake, bake and bake some more
  • call and e-mail long lost peeps, long distance
  • wear stretchy fabrics at all times
  • take numerous baths
  • knit X-mas and Hanukkah prezzies
  • drink herbal teas, and snack, snack, snack
  • blog
  • call your fiance at work 3 times a day
  • cook 'n freeze food for the midwives and doula
  • get the house ready for the Homebirth
  • make playlists on iTunes for the Homebirth
  • lunch with local friends
  • call student loans....ugh
  • read Radical Homemakers
  • don't get discouraged by your lack of energy, be "in the moment"

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