Sunday, November 14, 2010

more great mama reading

Called the "Ultimate Breastfeeding Book" by my pre-natal educator Julie Keon of Mother Nurture Childbirth Services, the new edition of Breastfeeding Made Simple is coming out this month. One of the biggest pieces of learning I've done since becoming pregnant is that breastfeeding isn't some easy thing I should expect to come's a process of learning to communicate through body language, intuition and trial and error with your baby over a period of weeks! Thanks to Julie and La Leche League Ottawa, I feel like I've been able to access some good resources to support the efforts of baby and me when we start nursing.

While the image of the white lady wearing an entirely white getup and turban was a little off-putting, the title Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful was irresistible to me! Coming from a Kundalini Yoga perspective, the author Gurmukh organizes her helpful information and yogic mother practices into first, second, third trimesters and birth. What I enjoyed about this book was it's acknowledgement of the emotional process of pregnancy and becoming a mother. With guidance on imagining best possible scenarios and positive intentions, it's a wonderful tool for a pregnant woman to use on her journey to becoming a capital m Mother.

Mothering the New Mother is a very cool book designed at showing couples how to tap all the practical, emotional and community resources available to them in their local area. I think many women about to have children in our culture are hesitant or even clueless about how to ask for help (myself included!). We can be so individualistic that it can be a real leap of faith to do this without feeling that its always "too much" to ask. There are also some women who don't have a family or close-knit group of people to rely on in a way that feels good for them or their baby. This book helps to address these issues and I felt it was very good at making me feel more empowered to seek the kind of help I need. A must-read!

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