Monday, July 25, 2011

baby kimono

Last year I posted that I was working on making myself a summer dress that wouldn't break the bank...and then the reality of pregnancy, moving provinces, starting a new job and being bone-tired sank in. The dress has yet to be made, and since then I've vowed never to post on something half done, just so I don't feel on the hook if you know what I mean. As a nice compromise, I've returned to Heather Ross' book Weekend Sewing to take on a more manageable project (something that can be made in 1-2 hours, while baby O naps): a Baby Kimono! Turns out a number of friends and relatives have decided to pop out some kids this year too - and these make great baby gifts.

I'd never worked with bias tape before, and even though I was a little intimidated the instructions were really clear. For anyone wanting to develop their sewing skills beyond a beginner level Weekend Sewing is a great book to use. I bought this fabric and bias tape at the Fabric Flea Market here in Ottawa last fall before O was born and was happy to find a use for it. I like how the different sized dots compliment one another and I think look very Japanese. Just to get a sense of sizing, here's a photo of it worn by it's brand new, beautiful owner:

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