Tuesday, July 19, 2011

keep it clean, people

This project is quite possibly the most extremely eco-nomical thing I've done in a while...it definitely covers the bases between being the best choice for environment and so thrifty as to be a bit over the top....I made homemade baby wipes and soap! If you think about it, the wipes you buy in the store are just paper that usually can't be flushed, covered in some kind of solution that helps remove the yucky stuff from your kids' bits. Rather than keep shelling out for more paper products to just throw away, I figured other people had done it before and looked it up.

I found this website, which listed so many recipes for homemade baby wipe soap I was kind of shocked. The recipe I decided to use is:
I shake them up together in a spray bottle, and spray the soap on a piece of cloth made from my fiance's old jersey knit undershirts (FYI jersey knit doesn't fray when it's cut) when my little one needs some bum cleanin'. Super easy, mild, and made from stuff I already had around the house. When baby and I are on the go I just spray some cloths in advance and take them with me in a re-usable wipes container.
For those of you unfamiliar with Dr. Bronner's, here's a picture of the bottle. Cool design huh? It also makes for excellent toilet reading, as it's creator (yes, that's "Dr. Bronner") was somewhat of a nut, as well as being religious, eco-friendly and a proponent of Fair Trade. Insanity + righteousness + cleanliness = an awesome soap for your baby.

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