Friday, July 8, 2011


This is the first food ready to harvest from my backyard garden this year! These Golden Girls promise to be productive, and so I've decided that's the theme of this summer at The Protagonist Studio. After a 7 month hiatus focusing all my creative energy on being a mama to my baby boy Oliver, I've found a bit more balance with parenting and life and have so much more to share.

I'm currently looking for new ways to incorporate my new found identity as a mother into my creative work, and have turned to my Mama peers for their insights on that brief and special time we have at home with our babies: Maternity Leave. While the clock ticks for me to return to my so-called real job, I have all kinds of mixed feelings and even more mixed ideas about how to best use this time. Check back for updates on this topic, and in the meantime:
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